The Dancing Bears Dance Company was established in 1995 with a goal to teach dance classes to children ages 2.5 – 7 at various private schools. The company’s president, Monica Geisz-Benitez, has developed a unique combination dance program that teaches basic steps in various dance styles in a fun and exciting way. There is never a dull moment in class. Wonderful variety of props are used to spark the imagination, keep the dancers interested and make them fall in love with dance. The classes quickly became popular and have been taught to thousands of children since 1995.  In April 2011, the Dancing Bears Dance Company decided to open it’s first dance studio. At the studio, all styles of dance, as well as dance fitness classes are taught to ages 2.5 – Adult. Dance, like any other activity, can put a lot of stress on bones and joints.  With the dancers well being in mind, the dance studio has a professional European floating hard wood floor with a high density foam to reduce fatigue and potential injuries.  To make the studio stand out, a special color light show and a disco ball is often used at the end of each class during freestyle.

DB Dance Studio

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“Dear Ms.Monica, This dance studio has been the best experience for me. You are so nice to me from the beginning to now. I Love you! Thank you so much. Love, Ninel A.”


Ninel A. 10yr old student